Exhibitions & programmes

We assist and support the Deutsches Museum through a wide range of projects. This includes the purchase and restoration of exhibits and financial support for exhibitions and publications. We facilitate visitor programmes tailored to the interests and needs of children, youth and seniors. Construction projects that directly benefit museum visitors are also sponsored by us.

The Moon Buggy

The lunar roving vehicle (LRV) or moon buggy, as it was populary known, was built in 1971 for the Apollo missions 15,16 and 17. The three LRVs have remained on the moon ever since. Since 2009 a replica of the vehicle can be seen in the Deutsches Museum. To bring the driving experience to life, the Freundeskreis promoted the creation of the digital model. Today, visitors can experience a virtual drive on the moon in the LRV.


The Open Laboratory

The Open Laboratory, equipped by the Freundeskreis, is the perfect opportunity for all museum visitors to get a unique glimpse into the everyday research activities of real scientists. In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, current research is conducted right before the eyes of museum visitors. The scientists are also happy to answer questions.


Children and teen programmes

It's never too early to get new generations excited about technology. For the Freundeskreis, the support of programmes for children and teens is a high priority.

That was only a small selection of projects supported by the Freundeskreis. If you'd like to learn more about projects we have been involved in, please send us an email: info@ffk-dm.de.