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... and gain new insights behind the scenes at the Deutsches Museum. At our events you'll be networking with people from the worlds of business, science and government. The Freundeskreis offers its members a range of interesting benefits related to the life of the museum. Naturally this includes free admission to the museum, a subscription to our magazine Kultur & Technik, and also the chance to attend exclusive events such as exhibition openings, tours and excursions. Moreover, we organize visits to affiliated museums in Germany and abroad on a regular basis.

Become a memeber

All friends and supporters interested in helping the Deutsches Museum to carry out its mission are very welcome to join.

Annual fees:

€250 for junior membership (up to 35 years of age)

€500 for individual membership

€2,500 for mid-sized enterprises (EU definition)

€5,000 for large enterprises

The Freundeskreis is a recognised non-profit association. Membership fees and donations are fully tax deductible.


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